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Create a Restaurant Promo Video Online
- $20 USD

Press the button to edit this video template and make a video
Promote your restaurant with a professional video that displays dishes from the menu, in a cool and modern design. Using our online video maker, you can create this yourself fast and for a very low price. Select this video template and create a restaurant promo video in minutes.

All you have to do is upload up to 12 images or video footage of dishes, and insert some description and price for each dish, and upload your company logo at the end. It is free to create a test video, so you can start right now without paying a dime.

Only after you successfully create a low quality video and would like to use it commercially, that we will ask for a payment for the Full HD video. Included in the price is free video hosting and music. After the video is produced, you will be able to download it for uploading to Youtube, Facebook and your website.

And you can always chance the video later, without paying the full price again, for example if you have a new dish or the price changes. You will just pay for the changes you made. It used to cost hundreds of dollars to produce a video like this, but with our online video tool, it is cheap to do it yourself.

The video you create here can also be used for displaying on screens at your restaurant. How to create a restaurant promo video that will help increase sales and attract customers? Press the button above and get started now.

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