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Video Title Maker Online - Create Opening Title Sequence Or Movie Trailer

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Animated Movie Titles Maker

This professional video template lets you easily create an opening title sequence or movie trailer with our video title maker online. It makes use of 3d text and space special effects. Insert up to 32 text lines, 12 video clips, and 1 logo at the end. The total duration of the video is 1 minute and 20 seconds.

It's incredibly easy to use our animated movie titles maker web app. No video editing knowledge is required. And because you are not starting from scratch, you'll save a lot of time. You just need to replace the existing video clips and script with your own photos or footage.

Make Your Own Title Sequence

Our opening title sequence maker runs completely online, nothing to download. Just pick a template and replace the existing content with your own photos, videos, and text script. No video editing skills required to generate a high-quality video with 3D special effects.

Our template video editor can handle very complex templates like this one but unfortunately, it also limits what the user can change. It is not possible to add or remove slides or other elements of the template.

How to create a video with titles?

It's easy! Use the best video title card maker online and create a title video like a pro. Our prices are affordable and we only ask for payment for the HD video, so you can try to make your own title sequence free of charge.

If you just need a small section of the video, just customize the parts you want, produce the video, and download the mp4 file for further editing and cutting on a full-blown video editor.

Our templates are created with Adobe After Effects, by talented video animators and designers. So you don't have to worry about the complicated things associated with producing professional movie trailers and promotional business videos.

User-Friendly Video Editing Software to Create Intros and Promo Videos

If you are would like to purchase a good intro for branding your company, we've got many amazing intro templates that are great to create a video for social media and your Youtube channel.

We add new templates daily, making our intro creator one of the best tools for producing professional logo reveals videos, promo videos, sales videos ad videos for marketing.

Actually, you can even send an email to us requesting a specific style of video, most suited for your business, that we might not yet have. Then our team of talented video animators will add a few templates that you would like.
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