Video Production Service - Step 1

Whiteboard Animation - Create Your Own Explainer Video
- $25 USD

Press the button to edit this video template and make a video
Now you too can create a professional whiteboard animation video for promoting your business, product, website or service. It's super easy to do it with our online video editor and does not take long to complete.

This template has a video duration of 2 minutes and you can insert up to 3 video clips or photos, 2 logos and 60 text lines. Press the button to begin customizing the template and create your video.

Inside our template editing tool, you will see a sequence of parts meant to be changed with your content. You will be able to change the cartoon character by choosing among these: businesswoman, construction worker, student, hairdresser, and sport's person.

When you are done with the template customization, you can go ahead and produce the free preview video. Then, after you checked that everything is correct, you can purchase the final, high-resolution video. It's just a single payment, and the amount is displayed on the header of this page.

When the final video production is complete, you can either download the video and host it yourself, or you can use our free video player. We'll provide the embed code, so you can just paste it inside your page to have your video play there.

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